South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce

About us

The South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce associates companies and other organizations in the South Bohemian Region. We operate throughout the region through our seven regional offices so that we are as close as possible to our members and other interested parties.

Our mission is to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs by connecting our members, giving them space for promotion, providing advice and organizing high-quality educational events for corporate executives and their employees.  

We also associate companies in terms of their fields. The South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce has eight associations and clubs that are dedicated to specific sectors and topics of interest to our members. We also connect companies with the public sector, education and other partners.  

Our foreign department is also available to foreign entities, entrepreneurs and institutions.
The Chamber of Commerce of South Bohemia is involved in a number of cross-border and international projects.
If you are interested in consulting and cooperation, please contact us.

Ing. Michaela Rychnavská
+420 601 058 587
Ing. Martin Necid
+420 727 911 027

Who are we here for? 

We are here for companies to simplify their business. We offer schools, pupils and parents support for education and integration with the labour market. We provide interconnections with the business sector to public administration and local government.  


We help starting companies to start their business from A to Z, including the promotion of their business.  

Small and medium-sized enterprises 

We offer a wide range of trainings, promotions, contacts and help in finding new employees.

Large businesses

We help large businesses in particular to retain existing employees and find new ones.